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October 15th National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

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By Chase Jack  

The loss of a loved one can be very devastating to anyone. October 15th is National Pregnancy and Infant Remembrance Day.   October 15th is a day to remember and honor those lost in the womb, but also outside the womb.  More than 500,00 pregnancies each year end in miscarriage which mostly occur during the first 20 weeks of a woman’s pregnancy. Every year 41% of all under –five child deaths are among newborn infants, and 19,000 infants die in their first month.   

Lenape teacher, Mrs. Barrett said it is such an emotional roller coaster for a woman to lose a child especially to a miscarriage because you are bounded to the child even when it is in the womb. Mrs.Barret emphasized how hard it is to be trying and trying to have baby and then you lose it.  

NFL wide-receiver Marquise Goodwin wanted a family for so long and to become a father so much that he went as far as to say that he wanted it more than a Super bowl championship. After he married his wife, he was ready to start a family, and in 2017 the couple posted on social media they were expecting. At their 19-week appointment, Morgan was diagnosed with cervical inefficiency — which led to immature birth and the tragic death of their unborn child.  Morgan and Marquise were devastated, it was very emotional.  Apart from this an estimated 19% of the adult population has experienced the death of a child. After three loss baby boys on February 19th at 7:48 am moray  Goodwin was born.   (this includes miscarriages through adult-aged children). (philadelphia-eagles-receiver-marquise-goodwin-wife-morgan-persevere-pain-promise-family) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LJh8ARVhmU 

October 15th is a day to remember all those babies lost.  A lot of organizations put on walks to remember their loses and take time to honor their babies. There are a lot of things to do to honor them by planting a memorial tree, journaling, or picking out memorial jewelry.   

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