June 14, 2024

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The Meaning of Thankgiving

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By Nichol Schawl

Thanksgiving is a time for family and food. Many gather around the table saying what everyone is thankful for before eating until stomachs are full. Thanksgiving is celebrated because of the Native Americans. When they had a successful harvest, they would thank the earth for its plentiful contribution, and it became a holiday after some time. While a lot of families celebrate Thanksgiving, others do not. What does Thanksgiving really mean to others?

Some students were asked what Thanksgiving means to them, and some said friends and family. Students Chloe Parton, Mackenzie Delp, and Chase Jack all said being with family or friends. Thanksgiving is the time to be with family, so this sounds normal, but one that really stuck out was Chase Jack. Chase said, “Thanksgiving to me means being appreciative of everything I have and the fact that I grew up in foster care, this family celebration means so much more to me.” Even if Chase did not have the family he needed in the past, he has learned to still be happy with what he has and has accomplished since then.

Thanksgiving can also be a time of watching sports. Some families might bond over sport games that are going on over Thanksgiving. Student, Brett Minarcin, said that he likes to watch football during Thanksgiving. Nothing is wrong with watching an exciting game with the family or even by oneself.

Even though family and sports are fun over the holiday, it just would not be the same without a little food. From choices between stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes, and all the desserts, what is there to miss! Student, Karlyn Kostella, is in it for the turkey. When asked about her favorite food choice she said “TURKEY,” in all capitals. When it comes to the holidays, nobody can go wrong with some delicious food. Being surrounded by friends, family, sports, and food during the holidays is the best.

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