July 14, 2024

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Winter Driving Saftey By Nichol Schawl

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The long holiday break is over, and students are coming back to school. Driving in winter is always a challenge no matter how long you have been driving in it. Student drivers may have more trouble since they are less experienced. Roads get icy and crashes happen. A way to stay safer on the roads is to follow these rules:
Buckle up. This is a rule that has always been around even when it is not snowing out. Buckling up will save someone’s life and has been proven to save lives.
Leave early to give more time to make it to the destination. Speeding to get somewhere causes a chance to get pulled over, and a way to crash. Hitting ice can cause spinning and sliding into something or someone. Leaving earlier during the winter is safer because the roads could be bad and going slow will minimize the damage or eliminate the chance of an accident.
Ride the bus if the roads are too bad. Many students drive to school every day, but what happens when it is too bad out? Will their parents still let them drive? Most parents will not let their kids drive if they weather is bad. Riding the bus will make it safer on a student because they do not have to worry about driving.
All around the world, snow can be more dangerous or less dangerous. A town like Vail, Colorado gets many inches of snow a day. Some advice for driving in places that experience a lot of snow fall is, “Use snow tires when possible and drive slower and further apart from the car in front of you.”
Keeping safe is the number one priority when driving. A way to do that is to care for the car. A student at Lenape Tech, Jonathan Seavers, says to “Defrost your windows, scrape off ice and snow from your windows without damaging the car, avoid black ice, and watch for slick spots.”
Winter driving is scary, and a lot of accidents can happen. When driving, make sure to be cautious of the people around and drive safely.

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