July 14, 2024

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Mother’s Day by Nichol Schawl

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During the month of May, it is a time to celebrate your mother. Mother’s do so much for us that we could never return to them. They give us life, they pick us up when we are down, they make us strive to be better then who we strive to be. Have you told your mother you love her lately?
Mother’s Day originated from Anna Jarvis who lived here in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia to be exact. Her mother had organized women’s groups to help with health and start friendships. When her mother died, she held a memorial service for her on May 12, 1907. The service was held at her mother’s church in West Virginia. Within five years, every state was starting to celebrate that day as Mother’s Day.
Many people do different activities for Mother’s Day. Senior at Lenape Tech, Jerry Hughes, says, “I spend the day with my mom by cooking her dinner and watching TV. Also going outside and jogging with her.” Jerry’s family might spend quality time around the house, but other families might go out to eat like Nicholas Schawl’s family does. Nicholas is also a senior at Lenape, and he says that his family, “Goes out to eat. We all go to our mom’s favorite food place and have the day with her. If we do not go out to eat, we stay in and have a big dinner made.”
Different families do different things and that is fine. No family is the same, just like no mom is. Have the day with her, and I am sure she would love it regardless if she got a gift or some food.

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