July 14, 2024

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Teacher’s Day

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by: Chloe Parton

Teacher’s day was founded by the second president of India ( Sarvepalli R). It has been celebrated since 1962 to thank and celebrate everything teachers do. In the U.S its celebrated May 4th

Teacher’s day also celebrates the rights and status of teachers while trying to attract newcomers to the field despite the current challenges they face, like low pay and teacher shortages at K-12 districts. 

Here are some world teacher’s day stats. In India, the share of female teachers declines with all the remoteness of schools, from 60% when the school is located at the local government seat to 30% when it is 30 km away.

At the elementary level only 19% of teachers are women in low-income countries and about 46% or less in the other income groups. In low-income countries, only 23% of secondary school teachers are women. 

94% of teachers in pre-primary education, but only about half of those in upper secondary education, are female. https://nationaltoday.com/world-teachers-day/

Other things to consider historically is that Confucius is regarded as the first teacher in history. Also, another fact is that the world needs 69 million teachers (about twice the population of California) to achieve the goal of providing universal primary and secondary education, Sub-Saharan Africa is the area facing the greatest deficit of teachers. 

Less than 75% of teachers in one third of the world’s countries only meet the minimum teacher training standards. 6 out of 10 children worldwide – a total of 617 million – do not meet the minimum requirements for competency in math and reading.  

This year during the pandemic teachers need extra appreciation. Nearly 1.5 million teachers are at higher risk for Covid-19. 1.47 billion have a pre existing condition that makes them at even higher risk. The Economic Policy Institute reports that as of September, public K-12 education employment is more than half a million jobs below its year-ago levels. 

 Show appreciation to teachers this year, it’s been really tough for them. You could give them a gift, tell them you appreciate what they do, and much more. Lenape tech teachers, we appreciate all you do, thank you for keeping us educated and safe during this pandemic!

How Lenape Tech students think we should show appreciation to our teachers:

Kylie Coover: “ I’d say maybe a little bag of candy with a thank you note card in with it”

Mailee L: “Maybe help them out with papers, help copy or print things, clean the rooms, or even organize.  We could even bring small gifts like little notes or gift cards.  Or even just say “we appreciate you”

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