July 14, 2024

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Autumnal Equinox

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The autumnal equinox also called the September equinox is when fall begins in the northern hemisphere. This all happens when the sun crosses the equator north to south. After all has occurred the sun rises later and night fall comes sooner. The December solstice is what ends the equinox. The weather during this time is a little cooler than usual in Pennsylvania.

Two Lenape teachers were asked- what do you know about the autumn equinox? Do you know why leaves change color? What are things you like about fall? People’s responses-Mrs. Moore- “it marks the first day of fall. It also is when the day and night are nearly the same in length” “They don’t get as much sunlight in the winter months so it loses its chlorophyll ”“Bright colors of the trees and color weather” Mrs. Takacs -“Wow that is an interesting question! I really do not know much about it other than it happens in the fall!! I just looked it up to find that is when the day and the night are equal amount of time. “Definitely has to do with the length of the day and the amount of sunlight, but that is all I remember. ”This is an easy one…..I LOVE when the leaves change colors and I can sit on my deck and take in the beautiful views. I also love to hike and kayak in the fall when the temperatures are cooler and everything, both in the woods and in the water, is changing and preparing for winter. In conclusion the autumnal equinox is something people should learn about to anticipate when the days are going to be shorter and the nights coming sooner.

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