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Origins of September

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By Allison Shoaf

 Many objects, events, and historical sites have origins. Months and calendars are no different. Before clocks, months and calendars the sundial told time while BC and AD were used to tell years. The Romans instituted the Roman Republican calendar in 738 BC, although not the first calendar overall, it was the first calendar to include September. The dating system evolved in Rome before the Christian Era. The Roman Calendar consisted of 304 days (about 10 months). The remaining 61 ¼ days were ignored and resulted in a gap during the winter season. September was one of the first 10 months ever created.  

  The word “September” originates from Roman word “septem” meaning seven because it was the seventh month. Romans believed September was looked after by the god of fire and forge, Vulcan. Due to September’s connection with the god of fire and forge Romans associated the month with fires, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. 

  Many beliefs and religions correlate with September such as Jewish or Christian holidays and traditions. Christian denominations now celebrate The Feast of the Cross. The feast is a commemoration of the cross used in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Anglo-Saxons call this month Haligmonað (holy month). A popular holiday in the Jewish community is Creation Week and commemorates the beginning construction of the Second Temple. Many religious events take place all throughout September that are celebrated with friends and family. 

  Symbolization appears from a variety of cultures. The many symbols that correlate with September are the flower, zodiac, animal, birthstone, tree, and soul symbol. The associated zodiac signs are Virgo and Libra. Virgo’s sign is associated with the bear. The Libra sign is associated with the scale. September’s animal is the Rooster, the birthstone is Sapphire, the tree associated is The Vine and soul symbol is the flower. 

  Two Lenape students were asked” Did you ever think about how September came about?” and “Is the Roman calendar the first calendar to exist?” Axel McSparrin said he did not, and the Roman calendar was the first calendar to exist. Gabriella Beards, another student, has a similar answer. Gabriella said she did not know how the Roman calendar came about and the Roman calendar was not the first calendar to exist. 

  Origin facts do not always correlate as essential information. It is interesting to learn from time to time. It is no major expense and is a fresh thought for many. Did you know any of the facts? Perhaps ones not covered? September, first created by the Romans, has stayed one of the months in the Gregorian and continues to be relevant. 

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