July 14, 2024

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Popular Halloween Costumes This Year  

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By: Evelynn Baker 

One of the most exciting parts surrounding Halloween is dressing up. Each year people dress up as one of their favorite characters, celebrities, athletes, musicians, or any supernatural character they find frightening. There are new costumes being introduced each year to keep the Halloween traditions going and to give people the chance to express themselves. This year has many new costumes to wear from recent films, video games, to albums being developed. Here’s some examples of costumes that will be trending this year, due to the popular following.  

One of the first costumes that came to mind was the character, Cruella de Vil. You may know this character from the movie, 101 Dalmatians. This costume became huge when the recent movie, Cruella was released in May of 2021. This costume consists of a black and white wig, a black dress, red satin gloves and a white faux fur coat. Or you could go for the famous red dress look, pictured in the movie.  

Some other costumes that will most likely be worn this year are Catwoman or Batman. These costumes are huge due to the amount of popularity the recent movie, The Batman was released in March. To achieve the Catwoman look, find a pair of black lace up boots, a black jumpsuit, and a  cat mask, which signifies what the costume is. To achieve the Batman look, wear a all black padded jumpsuit, detachable cape, and the notorious Batman mask.  

Another character many children will dress up as this year is Buzz Lightyear. Readers  are familiar with this character in Toy Story, but this year the movie Buzz Lightyear was released into a solo movie dedicated to Buzz Lightyear. For this look, a jumpsuit similar to Buzz Lightyear is necessary. As well as a detachable hoodie and a costume jet pack like the one he is seen him.  

Lastly another costume that will be huge this year is rockstar, Elvis Presley. With the recent movie released, Elvis, a film documenting his life, the costume will be most likely popular. One of his most famous looks that will be worn is his white jumpsuit with red and gold designs along with a red scarf.  

Overall, this Halloween will have many new costumes from characters like Buzz Lightyear to rock stars like Elvis Presley. Here are just some ideas that readers might be interested in dressing up as this year.  


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