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Best Footwear for November 

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By Landon Bennett 

November is a particularly cold and rugged month, meaning that what is worn outside is very crucial to comfortability and style of course. Now there’s many different ways to combine both of these things and find which pair of shoes is perfect, but a lot of options are either expensive or don’t offer all comfortability, looks, warmth, and traction. Since November has the weather conditions that it has a shoe that’s good all-around is generally necessary. This list has 3 pairs that should fit all conditions.  

The first one that comes to mind is the New Balance 990 V5. This shoe goes for about $200 and yes that is quite a bit but this shoe will last far longer than November. It has a great tread on the bottom offering more grip on the snowy or frozen terrain that will have to be battled against for the next couple months to come. It has lots of material on the outside allowing for more heat in the inside without it being excessive, and on top of all of that it has a very versatile look to it allowing for more combinations of clothing or multiple use with different outfits in the same week for eclectic variety in your wardrobe choices. MADE in USA 990v5 Core - New Balance 

Another good contender for this month would be the very classic and jaw dropping Air Jordan 1. Though this is a basketball shoe it’s not a performance basketball shoe, which means that it can be worn casually and can be used for far more daily activities other than dunking on somebody. The shoe is almost entirely made out of a thick leather which in the winter can insulate feet keeping them warm and much like the last shoe the tread is very good which is the main feature needed in these months. This shoe is highly recommended for this month and in general due to the very classic and sleek look of the Jordan 1 silhouette plus all of the useful additions on it allowing buyers to wow everyone at their thanksgiving dinner while not slipping on the icy driveway carrying Thanksgiving assortments. Get these shoes to not ruin thanksgiving! How to Cop the Air Jordan 1 High OG Hyper Royal • KicksOnFire.com 

A great candidate to follow up with for this list is a pair of Timberland boots. These boots will be sure to keep warm while offering probably more than anything on this list. “Timbs” can be worked in, they can be worn casually, and they can also be beaten after years of wear and still look the same. Theres a lot of colors and designs to choose from as well. This might be the all-around best choice if working outside is on the agenda. Timberland 19039 6" BLACK TIMS BOOTS - Family Footwear Center 

When asked about which shoes offer everything you’d want for this month Mrs. Betts exclaimed “I get my boots from target, as they are affordable and they look cute.”  

Another reply from a peer was, “Timbs all the way” said Jordon Blystone

This month is very cold and slippery, versatility is much needed for footwear on this month. Slides or slippers won’t suffice anymore and are only obsolete in this month only offering one out of the four characteristics of usefulness for this month. Now each pair isn’t the cheapest you could find but its all generally worth it. Not one of these shoes will run down in a short amount of time or even at all as actual craftsmanship goes into them.  

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