July 14, 2024

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Winter Fun in the Snow 

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By: Lara Palmer 

Starting in the middle of December and ending in March, winter is a season which many people around the world like to say they hate. It is cold, snowy, and can be rather dangerous at times. People tend to spend all their time inside, bundled up, and trying to stay warm. Throughout the season, though, many do have joyful activities they participate in to either stave off the cold or celebrate it.  

Among the thousands of events and activities to participate in during this snowy season, there are a few that are quite popular. Building a snowman, having a snowball fight, and going ice-skating were all things that many loved to do as children, and they even do it now with their kids, spreading the joy of playing in the cold. There are even resorts where skiing and snowboarding make up large portions of their income, most significantly brought in during the holiday season. There are some who would rather stay inside too. These people tend to enjoy making warm foods and drinks and sitting by a fire. Adventuring into the ice and snow is something they would rather avoid.  

Evelynn Baker, a culinary student, was asked about her opinion on the winter season and responded with, “Winter is my favorite season because there are many holiday festivities you can do.” Then she continued, “My favorite activities are snowboarding, going ice skating, making hot chocolate, sled riding, watching holiday movies, and seeing holiday decorations outside.” 

Two other people had something to say about the joyful festivities and weather. “I like how cold the weather is and pretty the snow looks,” said Clay Lorigan, before adding “It’s not just a winter thing but I get to bake and cook a lot during the winter times.” Mrs. Betts also had a note to make about the chilly days to come, “I am not a fan of the season! I do not enjoy the cold and hate walking through snow. The only time I like winter is when I am bundled up inside around a fireplace.” Then she continued, “My favorite activity to do when it is snowing outside is to be inside and watching it.” 

Mrs. Bowser, a chemistry teacher at Lenape Tech, also voiced her thoughts about the season. “I like winter. I have a long drive to work so I don’t like the iciness, but I like the snowfall.” She was asked about her favorite winter activity as well and continued, “For my favorite activity, I like to watch the snow fall out the window and sit by the fire drinking hot chocolate.” 

Mr. Haponski was also asked his opinion on these wintry days. “I like that we have all 4 seasons in Western Pennsylvania, so I do like winter. I like getting snow and the random snowstorm.” He was then asked about his favorite activity to do in the snow. “My favorite activity to do outside in the snow is to ski, but I tore my ACL in a skiing accident, so I’m not allowed to ski anymore. However, I do like to sled with my kids and build snowmen.” 

The cold wind and even colder snow give way to some of the best activities to be enjoyed with a friend or family member. If people say they like the snow or hate it, there’s still nothing compared to the time people get to spend with their loved ones doing some of the most fun ways to spend the winter. 

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