July 14, 2024

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Mrs. Fahlor   

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Teacher Spotlight  

By Julia Johnson  

As a student in culinary, Mrs. Fahlor helps each one of her students reach their full potential. As a teacher, she cares a lot about her students, if they need help in other classes or just want to talk.  

Mrs. Fahlor does many events, but one stands out to be the Lenape Tech Restaurant. This is special in many ways because so many people love the foods the restaurant has made in the past. Especially other teachers, lunch ladies, and the people who drive here to dine in. Recently, two of her students even went up to the Ford City Library to share nutritious omelets and a fruit salad. When the Skills Competition was over, Mrs. Fahlor was so proud that her four competitors competed and three placed in 1st and 2nd.  

Mrs. Fahlor is known for the restaurant that she runs through the school. Teachers love to have lunch there during their breaks, even lunch ladies order. Even when the restaurant is closed, she has fundraisers such as Christmas cookies, Pittsburgh popcorn, and now is helping a coffee shop in Kittanning called Ispirare coffee. The baking group in Culinary is happy to work with Ispirare because Mrs. Fahlor was the one who agreed to work with two students who came up with the idea. 

 Mrs. Fahlor was asked, what kind of music do you like? Mrs. Fahlor replied with “Christian rock is my go-to, but I enjoy rock, country, heavy metal, and alternative.” Then when questioned, what is one thing you are bad at, she answered, “Time Management – I also overbook myself thinking I can get it all done.” Mrs. Fahlor then answered the question What is the best compliment you have ever received, I am not good at accepting compliments, but I would say my favorite compliment would be that I am doing a good job at raising my boy.”  

When I asked her what animal, her favorite is she replied with, “Dogs, cats, and horses.” Mrs. Fahlor then was asked when you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up, she said “I wanted to be a physical therapist or psychiatrist.” Then when asked, what is your favorite dish to make for the family, Mrs. Fahlor replied with “Camp breakfast – bacon over the fire, eggs, and toast.” When asked what her astrology sign is, Mrs. Fahlor replied with “Astro Sign – Scorpio” The best vacation to be at for Mrs. Fahlor would be, “Sun, sand, warm water and family”  

Mrs. Fahlor does so much for her students that she is very appreciated, especially during restaurant when she steps in to help wherever or who needs help in the kitchen or the dining room. Our culinary teacher is known for the restaurant, but Mrs. Fahlor is also known to be reached out from other local places to share the food, such as the harvest church, Ispirare coffee shop. There are a lot more attributes to Mrs. Fahlor, culinary teacher, that we students may not know but she is one of the many teachers in Lenape tech that is admired by other students, so make sure to thank our teachers and talk with them to get to know them! 

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