July 14, 2024

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Is AI really a problem? 

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By Kris Lynch  

In the last 6 months, Study International states that 43% of all students use AI in schools. This has caused some students to rely on AI during classes, making them lose creativity. Without creativity in school, a student’s writing ability becomes wasted potential. Although it can help draft an essay faster or get a summary on a new topic it will stifle the learning process. Without properly learning from a teacher how to do the work it will hinder a student’s mind. If this problem continues to grow, then teachers may not be needed in schools in the next 10 years. 


This could create a variety of problems for teachers, parents, and students. It could cause grades to start falling if teachers don’t except the AI written work. When Advertising Director and Teacher at Lenape Mr. Dupaly was asked his opinion on the matter he said, “While I think AI will be a helpful tool for now, soon it might be used instead of actual employees for cost cutting reasons.” AI is affecting all types of businesses beyond schools. The marketing and commercial departments are starting to rely on AI to make commercials or sell products without the need for workers. If this continues then humans may be out of jobs sooner than they think. 

 When the English teacher Mr. Jasek was asked about the use of AI he said, “While I don’t think AI can take over some jobs, it will definitely be able to replace jobs like producers, artists, or writers like with the writer’s protests.” threatening to fire all writers to use AI instead. AI might even replace some of the artists that people are most familiar with. The rise of AI needs to take a quick downfall soon.    

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