July 14, 2024

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Summer Jobs for teens 

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By Leia Wolfe 

Summer is the best time of the year for most teens. The warm summer sun, swimming, hanging out with friends, staying up late. Although all of those things make summer fun it can also get pretty boring when you’re doing the same thing over and over again. One way to cure the boredom in the summer is by getting a summer job. Summer jobs don’t have to be boring, there are many jobs that are more enjoyable then just work. Having a summer job will teach good communication skills, work ethic, and responsibility. The first summer job on the list is lifeguarding, becoming a lifeguard does require a certification but still take into consideration that becoming one it will teach good responsibility and life saving skills that can be useful in other situations. Second is babysitting, babysitting is a good job for teens because it gives them child care experience along with making money.  Doing yard work is another very good option, working outside is good way to stay in the sun during the summer while making money at the same time. Another job for people who like being outside is dog walking, being a dog walker will allow teens to be healthy while you work while also having the responsibility of taking care of an animal. The last job on the list is working in a grocery store, working in a grocery store will teach how to build good communication skills as well as people skills. 

Summer jobs help with having some work experience before you finish school and go into a job. Having a summer job also allows teens to have their own money to go out with friends, shopping, and out to lunch. Delaney Watkins said “The best part about having a summer job is the money to go out and do stuff.” Emily Clawson also said “Having a summer job allows you to earn money to have money during the school year since you can’t work as much during the school year.” In conclusion having a summer job will teach teens how to have more responsibility, work ethic, and good communication skills.  

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