May 26, 2024

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The World of AI and VR 

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By Clay Lorigan 

In the modern world technology is becoming more important in everyday life. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality are just some examples of this. Throughout the years, they have been improved upon and have influenced many to turn to them for both educational and entertainment purposes.  

When most people think of VR or AR, their minds usually go to gaming, an app, or a VR headset. While VR has been a trendy way to play games in the past couple of years, it is also used in education. Using virtual reality to learn provides a new perspective for the student with bringing topics to life. Some workplaces even have skills for training in VR. For example, pilots can use flight simulators before they even get into a plane to familiarize themselves with the controls and layout. BMW in Germany is even training their employees in VR for design and prototyping. Many companies also use it to train for safety to make the workplace safer. Since AR overlays digital information into the real world, it can improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace.  

When asked for his thoughts on VR and AI, Noah Wysocki from ADT said, “I think AI is a very helpful tool and VR is great for entertainment.” He further added, “I have used both, but I have used AI more often than VR. The experience was fun, and I had a great time,” when asked if he had ever used any of the two before and what the whole experience was like.  However, when Cristen Lorigan from Cosmetology was asked for her opinions on VR and AI, she said, “My thoughts on AI and VR are that I don’t really like it too much.” When asked about her experiences with them both, she said, “Yes, I’ve had experience with them and it wasn’t too bad, but I didn’t care for VR.” Overall, people have both good and bad experiences with these technologies.  

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