July 14, 2024

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Halloween Costumes Over the Years 

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By: Clay Lorigan 

When it comes to October, most people would think of Halloween. Over the years, Halloween costumes have gotten better and more creative. From the original mummies and vampires to superheroes and even fun group costumes. Some of the most popular costumes last year were Spider-Man, Stranger Things characters, and Harley Quinn. Due to the popularity of newer media this year, it is easy to assume which will be the most popular to dress up.   

This year there is a good chance many people will be Wednesday (from the Adams family), Barbie, and even Ariel (from the Little Mermaid). Jigsaw (from Saw), Ken, and the Mario brothers are also some options for people. (To avoid dressing up as one of these popular costumes and twinning with others, an alternative could be going as a character from a favorite movie or media that is lesser known.) 

When asked what her favorite costume was growing up, Sydnee Petruzzi, a Bio Med student, replied, “One year, my sister dressed up as a pumpkin when she was little.” She was then asked if she was planning to dress up this year. She said, “I don’t plan on it.” However, when Noah Wysocki, a student in ADT, was questioned on what his favorite costume was growing up, he said, “I really liked when I did a fairy when I six.” In contrast to Sydnee, he said he was planning to dress up this year. He replied, “Yeah, I’m going to dress up as a Five Nights at Freddy’s character.” Overall, there are so many new costumes to look forward to seeing this year, as well as some old classics.  

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