June 25, 2024

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Celebrities that Went to Jail 

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By: Emily Clawson 

Justin Bieber from Best (or Worst) Mug Shots Ever | E! NewsZach Bryan: Country Music Star Arrested in Oklahoma on Obstruction ...

There have been many celebrities that have gone to jail in the past. The most recent celebrity arrest was Zach Bryan. He was arrested September 7th in Oklahoma and was arrested for obstruction of investigation. The reason he was charged with this was because he pulled up beside anrflSUV that had been pulled over for speeding. The officer told Zach before that he was interfering with the police officer’s duty. When interviewed on what her reaction was when she found out about the arrest Kaylee Lydick replied with, “ It surprised me because he is very big country singer.” An NBA basketball player named Miles Bridges was arrested in 2022 on June 29th. He was arrested for felony domestic violence. He allegedly turned himself into jail after a altercation with someone the day before. An old arrest, but one many might not know about. Justin Bieber. He was arrested in January of 2014 in Miami, Florida. He was arrested for drunk driving, resisting arrest, and driving without a valid driver’s license. He was seen by police in a yellow Lamborghini street racing Def Jam who was in a red Lamborghini. This was exactly a month after he released his compilation album “Journals”and less than a month after his concert film Justin Bieber’s “Believe” hit theaters. When asked what celebrity arrest surprised her the most and what was the most surprising part Leia Wolfe said, “Justin being caught drag racing.” Another big singer who was arrested recently. Chris Brown. He was arrested in July of 2023. He was arrested for an outstanding out of county felony battery warrant from 2017 and was released from jail less than an hour after posting a 2,000 dollar bond. Another well known celebrity Lindsey Lohan was arrested multiple different times. She was arrested for driving under the influence, two felony drug charges, and reckless driving that caused a car accident. This tells us that even celebrities everywhere make bad choices and get in trouble with the law just like everyone else. Being a celebrity doesn’t exempt them from the law. 

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