June 25, 2024

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Budgeting at Christmas Time 

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By: Emily Clawson 

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Christmas time is one of the most enjoyable times for most people but also one of the most expensive holidays. One of the easiest ways to save money during Christmas time is to put money back little by little throughout the year. Doing this will make people who are big budgeters to not have to worry about spending too much money during the holiday season. When interviewed Mrs. Wensel said, “I don’t usually budget, but I try to keep the amount of money spent on each kid the same and try to get them the same amount of presents. There all also some advantages of not budgeting because budgeting things can be time consuming, difficult to stick to, and it may not work for everyone. There are many different ways to budget though if you want to budget, but not put money back. When Mrs. Kirsch was interviewed she said, “Start getting ideas of what you child or children want around the end of September and start buying everything. The only tricky part about doing this is trying to remember where you hid all the presents when Christmas comes.” Also there are other ways to budget during the Christmas time. During Christmas you can make a list of all  festive expenses and prioritize each one. Setting a budget and tracking your spending will also help. Shopping smart and taking advantage of discounts and offers on different things will help with budgeting. Another way to save would be to do a secret santa so people can do one with a small  budget, so everyone saves money.  

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