June 14, 2024

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New Year’s Resolutions 

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By: Calia Bennett 

New Year’s Day, a popular holiday, is the celebration of the first day of the new year. On December 31st, also known as New Year’s Eve, friends and families gather to celebrate the new year by staying up until 12am. 

There are many different traditions and ways to celebrate, but one of the most common is to set resolutions for the new year. Many resolutions are typically set to change bad behaviors or improve oneself, like wanting to lose weight or eating healthier. Olivia Carney, from ADT, says, “I stopped making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago. I would always say I was going to lose weight, but I never really stuck on it.” 

Resolutions can be general, but they should be specific to the person setting them. They should be something that applies to the person’s aspirations and future goals. Some good examples of resolutions are managing bad spending habits, improving mental health, and being more active. When asked if he has any resolutions for the new year, Alexander Chapman, another ADT student,  said, “Honestly, I’m just planning on living my life and seeing whatever comes to me.” 

While a person’s resolutions should be unique to themselves, they can also be common or the same as anyone else’s. 

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