July 14, 2024

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The Fall of Going to the Movies 

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By: Olivia Carney 

People used to flood into theaters whenever a hit movie was released to the public. However recently, the number of people visiting the movies has plummeted. 

Ever since the pandemic hit, the box office gross has dropped into an 81% decline from the previous year. This triggered theaters all around the world to shut down during that time. Although some recovered, others were left in the dust to decay. The pandemic not only disrupted the theaters sales, but also shelved many movies for years. This left many to rely on streaming services. People got used to the comfort of watching new movies from their couch instead of the theater. The cost was also less than going to the movies in person. The 2023 box office is finally heading closer to pre-pandemic levels. Although they are recovering, there is no doubt that movie theaters will never be the same again.   

Although the box office’s success is important it’s not enough to fill the annual slate. The products need to be spectacular. That means if the theaters want to rake in enough to get back to pre-pandemic levels, they need almost all their showings to be a big hit. Alexander Chapman (ADT), who works at South Pike Theaters, was asked how many people visit the theaters. He said,”It really depends on what’s in the theaters. Right now, we are dead. However, when things like the Mario Movie, Barbie, Oppenheimer, this stuff comes out we are full of people.” The last time that Calia Bennet (ADT) mentioned that,“I think the last time I went to the movies was a couple of years ago, before the pandemic. When a new movie comes out, I just watch it on Hulu or something.” 

The movies will never be the same again, but at least they are recovering their fall back from when the pandemic began.  

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