April 18, 2024

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Ash Wednesday 

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By Hailey Mergen 

Ash Wednesday forehead burns mystery solved - BBC NewsAsh Wednesday is a very important day for many different denominations of the Christian religion, especially Catholicism. This day marks the first day of Lent and is known as a day for prayer and fasting. It is called Ash Wednesday because the pastor or priest will create a cross shape made from ashes on each person’s forehead during mass. There is a special service held on Ash Wednesday. Mass is normally shorter to allow time for the placing of ashes. This cross represents a show of morality and sorrow for each person’s sins. In most Catholic churches, the ashes are made by burning the left-over palms from Palm Sunday. This year it is on Wednesday, February 14th. When asked about her knowledge of Ash Wednesday and Lent, Laylah Rhine stated, “I wasn’t raised Catholic I was raised Wesleyan Methodist, so my family doesn’t really participate in it, but I know that people eat fish on Fridays.” The time between Ash Wednesday and Easter is known as Lent. It commemorates the 40 days that Jesus fasted in the desert and endured the temptation of Satan. For this reason, many people choose not to eat meat on Friday’s during Lent as a show of faith and self-control. Most people choose to eat fish instead. Catholics and some other Christians give up another pleasure like social media throughout Lent. This is also to demonstrate self-control. However, these rules do not apply on Sunday’s, so a person can have that pleasure for one day out of each week. When asked about her experiences with Ash Wednesday, Melinda Brown stated, “I am a cradle Catholic, so I have gone to the Ash Wednesday services and participated in all of the traditions for my whole life.” In conclusion, this is a very important day for many Christians.  

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