June 14, 2024

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Mother’s day  

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 By Caleena Rummel

Mother’s Day is an annual holiday in may honoring all mothers around the United States. This holiday was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and was later made an official United States Holiday in 1914. 

Mother’s Day is a $25 billion-dollar holiday with those who celebrate, spend around 200 dollars on their mothers according to National Retail Federation data. More people buy flowers for Mother’s Day than any other time of year besides Christmas. When speaking to Lavkin Pierce about what she would be getting her mother for Mother’s Day, she replied with, “I usually. 

get my mother a plant of some sort.” In 1934 the United States postal service issued a Mother’s Day stamp featuring Whistlers’ mother. Mother’s Day is also every second Sunday in the month of May, so the date can change every single year. When speaking to Jazmin Lentz about how she celebrates 

Mother’s Day she replied with “We take my 

mother to dinner and I get her some kind of gift”. In conclusion Mother’s Day is one of the most cherish able holidays in the month of May that mothers all around the world enjoy. 

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