July 14, 2024

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National Cook for your Pets Day

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By: Jade Smith

We all love our pets, and they love us too. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a day to really show them how much we love them? Well there is. November 21st is National cook for one’s pet day. It is time to show pets how much they are cared for by cooking them a great meal.

Before cooking for one’s pet it’s better to know what their diet consists of first. A dog has a diet that consists of meat, fish, and vegetables. A cats’ diet is more carnivorous than a dogs’ and requires more protein and meat. If one has an herbivore pet such as a rabbit or hamster their diet can consist of fruits, vegetables, and some grains.

Now that one knows their pets’ diet, they can begin cooking for their pet. Karlyn Kostella says, “My mom makes homemade dog biscuits.” One could try making some dog biscuits for his or her pet as well. One can give their pets other things to show their affection without cooking too. “I give my dogs cheese,” says Chloe Parton. If one cannot cook for his or her pet, an owner can always give them a small snack instead.

No matter what pets people have there is always something one can make for them. It’s great to show love and affection for the ones we love. Therefore, on November 1st, lets show pets how much they mean to us.

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