June 25, 2024

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Black Friday/ Cyber Monday

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By Chloe Parton

November is the month known for not only good food, but also good deals. Black Friday is one of the craziest days in November. People are seen running through stores, fighting over the best deals, and the overspending. This year Black Friday is the 27th. Black Friday is a good day to get deals, but its history is darker than that. 

Black Friday’s history isn’t about holiday shopping, but financial crisis. On September 24, 1869 the U.S gold market crashed. The most common story behind it is that after a year of operating at a loss “in the red” stores would earn a profit “go into the black” the day after Thanksgiving, because people were willing to spend a lot of money on discounted items. This is the main story behind the term Black Friday. 

This year shopping will probably be more online due to the pandemic, and that’s where Cyber Monday comes in. Cyber Monday was specifically created to encourage people to shop online, it’s helpful during the current situation, and a lot safer from the chaos of in person shopping. It started in 2005 and was created by Ellen Davis. Online shopping is more common now then in person, due to the discounts and easy accessibility, especially with COVID precautions. 

Some of the best deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday are; the Xbox Series X, iPhones, Play Station 5, Apple Watch series 6, iPads, Nintendo Switch, Ancestry kits, AirPods, iMacs, instant pots, TVs, laptops, cameras, vacuums, and much more. These are some predictions according to last year of some items that are discounted by a lot. 

This year brings a lot of mystery as to how stores will handle the shopping, and how chaotic it’ll be. How do you think  Black Friday will be this year? Do you think it’ll be mostly in person? Or mainly online? Or a  mix of both? I hope everyone has a safe day if you do go in person shopping, and that you  get some good deals. 

How Lenape tech students feel about Black Friday shopping:

Students were asked, “How are your families going to do Black Friday shopping this year”

“What do you think we should be doing? Staying safe online or continuing normally in person?” 

Kierra Armstrong, “My mom goes online shopping, my dad never shops,  and I go in person at like the outlets or something. I also think that if we distance and wear masks then we would be okay.”

Emma Nunamaker, “I personally like to go in person just so I know that I got everything and have it , and that it comes in on time. I think we all should do what we did every other Black Friday shopping and just do what you choose. We should continue as normal and social distance in the store.” 

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