June 25, 2024

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Hunting Season

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By Karlyn Kostella

Hunting season is not for everyone, but that is okay. The first week of November is usually when bucks are on the tail end of the pre-rut. They are out and about looking for doe, the doe usually come out the next week, but once the buck finds a lady, he doesn’t move out of 100-yard stretch of where he finds her. Soon enough though the buck will leave the doe in search for another. He will finally start roaming around further and further.

Logan Cogley was asked if he goes hunting and how he feels about it. He said, “Yes I go hunting, I do archery and rifle, I love being in the woods.”

Thea Walker replied, “Yes I do hunt, I think it is a good thing to get into because it can teach patience, I love getting to see everything nature has to offer and seeing the deer closer than what you usually would.

Don’t forget to wear one’s orange when he or she goes out, make sure one’s gun is on safety, and be careful while in the woods. Also, don’t forget to clear one’s vehicle of any hunting ammo, knives, or other weapons before driving to school. Good luck to all hunters!

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