July 14, 2024

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Prank with a Plan

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By Mackenzie Delp

On the first of April people are always sure to keep an eye out for pranks.  When children first discover that there is a day of the year where it is acceptable to pull pranks on one another its almost as if an entirely different world is opened to them. For older people however, it may be a little more difficult to come up with some tricks good enough to fool anyone.

With today’s technology there are many different online options to pranks. One prank that is harmless yet annoying is signing your friend up for an email subscription. While this prank may not fully come into effect on the 1st of April it surely will be a long-lasting trick. Another digital prank is to look up a GIF of typing dots. This will trick your friend into thinking that you are typing but it will leave them stuck in suspense for the day.

If you live in a house with other people some pranks are better off played on them. Some ideas for tricking your house mate include, making “cake pops” however they are actually Brussel sprouts coated in frosting, switch out cereal bags from their original bags into a different one, you could even go an extra step and add googly eyes onto as many things as you can throughout the house.

Some pranks are better when they are well known. If someone in your house is a fan of the show “The Office,” a great prank to play on them would be to put something of theirs into jello. Maybe a friend is a big fan of the show “Friends,” which in the episode, ”The one with the truth about London,” Rachel teaches Ben some pranks and there surly is a perfect one to play on the that friend. Another popular show that has known pranks for a major fan would be “That 70’s Show.” In the episode, “Prank Day,” Kelso and the guys give plenty of ideas for pranks and even if there isn’t a winning prank in that episode surly some other episode would have a perfect prank.

If none of these ideas peak your interest maybe some of the students from Lenape tech have some better ideas. Peyton Harter said, “I would prank my brother and tell him his car got stolen and drive it around front and park it so he walks out and its not there and he freaks out.” Ethan Crownover said, ”I would fill up balloons with shaving cream and put them everywhere.”

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