June 14, 2024

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Traditions of Christmas

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By Mackenzie Delp

During this common American holiday, many people have different traditions. Some may be more common than others such as, going to a tree lighting, attending a Christmas parade, or even hiding that little elf around the house. Other people, however, may have different traditions such as, hosting a cookie trade or participating in caroling. While today there are more modern traditions some of the ones today are the same from decades ago. Have you and your family ever gone to a tree nursery and cut down your own tree? Well your great grandparents probably did the same thing with their families.

Other subtle things that are done such as decorating the tree or filling homes with poinsettias have meanings as well.  Decorating an evergreen tree has been a tradition for thousands of years. In pagan religion they would take the tree branches and hang them on their doors to think of the upcoming spring. In the Christian religion decorating a Christmas tree is a way to show appreciation to God and family. Romans even used evergreen trees as a way of decorating their temples for the festival of Saturnalia. So every time one glances at a home and sees the glimmering tree in the window, think about how there are many different religions and reasons for families to have an evergreen tree. Poinsettias are used as a decoration during Christmas for multiple different reasons. The shape of the plant is thought to be somewhat of a similar shape as the Star of David, which is what lead the three Wiseman to the little stable where Jesus was born. The color of the poinsettia resembles the blood of Christ which is a very relevant symbol in Christianity.

Some students at Lenape Tech shared their special traditions that they have with their family. Laci Matus said, “We make Christmas cookies as a family every year.”  Aliyah Hillery said, “we go to my grandmas for Christmas and on Christmas eve everyone gets to open one present.” No matter what traditions one follows the winter time is better spent celebrating family traditions and fun activities.

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