June 14, 2024

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Christmas Gift List

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Christmas Gift List
By: Paige Marasia

Everyone has friends and family they need to buy gifts for, but not everyone knows what to buy. Therefore, this article will review some ideas.

Starting with Mom, now moms are normally kind and will not care what one gets them, but that does not mean kids should just get whatever. Try thinking about what she likes. A keychain for her car keys or a purse if she likes to drive or travel a lot. Some cute jewelry to wear to go out in or just to wear around the house. If one’s mom likes to do their hair or has hers pulled up a lot some scrunchies or hairclips are a great suggestion. If one’s mom likes coffee, as most do, a small thermos to take to work for some fresh coffee is a great idea. Other small ideas like new bed sheets or a new shirt could work.

Now what about Dad? Most dads are seen as “the man of the house.” If he is always in need of some tool or does stuff that he may not always have the correct tool for on him, then a multitool is a great idea. Maybe if he has an office job where he stays at his desk a temperature control mug could work for him. A new phone case for a work phone or some new slippers for around the house are other ideas.

Next would be siblings, even if one refers to his or her siblings as demon spawns or best friends, they still require gifts for the holidays. Sports equipment is a great start if they like to play sports, a soccer ball, or a plastic baseball set could work. One could also get them a toy set of their favorite show or some merch for a youtuber or something. If they like Legos or building things a new building set, Legos, linking logs, etc. A new stuffed animal or a pair of pajamas too are great ideas.

Finally, friends, one’s chosen people. If they like playing games, a game pass, or a new cartridge for their favorite console could work as ideas. For an artistic friend, some pens, or pencils, with a new sketchbook. A board game or set of cards for when everyone spends time together is a great idea. A new book if they are the rare breed who like to read.
There were a few ideas for some of one’s family and friends Christmas gifts.
Bonus: Designed mask would work for all.

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