June 14, 2024

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Christmas Movies!

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By Karlyn Kostella

The most wonderful time of the year! Kick back by the fire with a fuzzy blanket, someone you love and some milk and cookies, and watch a Christmas movie. What movie are you watching?

Home Alone

Kevin’s family decided to go on a vacation for Christmas, Kevin did not wake up in time and pack his stuff and his family forgot about him, just as Kevin’s mom was on the plane, she realized that she forgot him at home, she tries everything she can to get back to him but nothing goes the right way. Kevin wakes up and realizes he’s home alone and gets into some trouble with two bad guys, Harry and Marv who wants to rob his family’s house.

The Grinch That Stole Christmas

The Grinch lives on the top of the hill with his dog max, he absolutely hates Christmas, so he tries to ruin it for all the Whos that live in Whoville. He runs into a girl named Cindy Lou Who, that shows him the good in Christmas, he learns to love Christmas and not ruin it.

Let It Snow

A group of high school students in a small midwestern town when a snowstorm hits on Christmas Eve. They soon find their friendships and love lives colliding, and Christmas morning, nothing will be the same

The Santa Clause

Scott Calvin, just an ordinary guy accidently causes Santa Clause to fall off his roof on Christmas eve, he goes to the North Pole and learns that he must become the new Santa Clause, he must learn all the tasks before Christmas morning, so every kid wakes up to presents under the tree.

Austin Laird was asked if he has a favorite Christmas movie and he said, “I like Home Alone or the Grinch that stole Christmas because I always watched those movies as a kid.”

Allana Wolf was asked if she had a favorite Christmas movie and she said, “I like the Grinch that stole Christmas because it is funny and relatable, it also has a happy ending,”

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