June 25, 2024

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National Call a Friend Day

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By Chase Jack  

Who have you have been meaning to get back in touch with? Do you have a friend that lives far away from you?  Are not your thumbs sore from just texting. Furthermore, have you ever accidentally dialed the wrong number?  Well what if that wrong number is the right number? December 28th is National Call a Friend day, so what a perfect time to reconnect.  

December 28th is a day to reconnect and ultimately reach out to those friendships that may have faded out. One can reach out to also make a new friend.  

It is crazy how many people spend Christmas alone. The average household will see five people seated around the dining table adorning paper hats – but one in 10 will be making room for 10 or more guests.  Many will have a large get together and celebration.  

Mr. Veronesi, was interviewed and he said that he has a lot of people he knows, but only has a few close friends. He feels that as teenagers, most won’t really know who their “real friends” are until we get older and when perspectives will change. He also spoke about how at Lenape students made so many new friends simply because this school has so many other schools coming to it and that has forced Lenape students to get along with a variety of new people. As the student body gets older and even now, most will lose touch with some friends.  

Let’s take the time to get back in touch with some of our long-lost friends. Let’s make time during this holiday season to make new friends and with anybody really it might just make someone’s day.  

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