June 14, 2024

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National Pet Day

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by: Chloe Parton

In April we automatically think of events like April fools or earth day, but there are other interesting events that happen too. If you’re a pet owner you will love National Pet Day! It’s April 11th and celebrates our 4 legged friends. 

On this day people donate money to shelters , food, and toys. You could also donate to organizations that help animals get adopted or back to health. Like the ASPCA, they helped animals that came from bad homes get a forever home, as well as get them back to themselves. 74.6% of your donations go to the services and programs they have,  it’s definitely worth donating. 

Other things you could do on this event are adopt an animal, or volunteer at your local animal shelter. Some around here are Orphans of the Storm, Pet Connection, Animal Protectors of Allegheny County, Four Footed Friends,  Clarion PUPS,  and many more. These shelters could probably use the help and you’d get to be around cute animals all day! You might find a new friend to take home as well! 

Another thing you could do is help others with their pets, maybe bring them some new toys , and treats. Maybe help them with messes or give their animals a bath. Or you could take your animals to the park together for a play date as well. 

The history of national pet day goes back to 2006 when Colleen Paige founded it to bring us joy and celebrate how wonderful pets can be, but also to show awareness of the needs of pets in shelters waiting for adoption. 

This year on National Pet Day I hope some animals get adopted and spoiled. What are you gonna do for it? Help a local shelter? Spoil your pets? Or enjoy someone else’s pets? 

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