June 14, 2024

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Pi Day By Nichol Schawl

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March 14th is a national holiday celebrated in the honor of math. Calculator Pi is 3.14 with infinite numbers that follow. Because March 14th is written as 3/14 regarding the date, we celebrate Pi on this day. As far as we know, Pi day has been around since 1988. Larry Shaw, who was a physicist, marched around a circular space with his staff. Ever since, Pi Day has been acknowledged by math fans everywhere.
One thing that can help celebrate Pi Day is playing math games. Math 24 is a math game where there are 4 numbers and they all must be used and added up to 24. Figure it out first, and it is correct, then that card is yours. Whoever has the most cards, wins. There is a certain amount of time, so be quick.
Pi Day is not only just about math Pi, but also real pie! Who doesn’t want to enjoy a pie on Pi Day? It may be a different type of pie, but it is a fun way to celebrate in the spirit of all things “pi.”
Lenape Technical School hosts a Pi Day assembly where students can pie teachers in the face. At lunches, some students will sell tickets and whoever’s name is picked from the teacher’s envelope, they will get to pie that teacher. Voting more than once can lead to a higher chance of being picked. A teacher that got pied last year was Mr. Longwell. Mr. Longwell got pied by a former student at Lenape Tech. Longwell chose to get pied because, “I am taking one for the team. It is a good fundraiser and good for school spirit.” Although due to Covid this activity is postponed.

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