June 14, 2024

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The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival

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By Alex Nulph 

This one tiny trip will take you on a magical adventure filled with knights, elves, and fairies. The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival is open this season; due to Covid-19 the 2020 season was canceled. Now you can have a day of fun back in time in the rebirth of the world, make sure you get your tickets. For those who do not know the Renaissance Era took place in Europe. The Era lasted from the 14th century to the 17th Century. The wonderful era was the growth of art, culture, as well as politics and economics.  

I had the pleasure of talking to some students in the school about the ren faire. I asked the following questions “Have you ever been to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival? Would you ever plan to go? How was your experience? What booths and shows would you recommend?” First, I asked Mrs. Violet Gorgas, she responded “I have gone once. I do plan to go again. When I went everyone was very friendly and managed to hold their character. The booths I would recommend are any that sell artwork. The artwork is exceptionally beautiful and worth the money.” Lovely feedback from violet. Then I asked a non-faire goer, Mrs. Sarah Spatafore, Her Response, “I have never been there, I would plan to go. It seems like it could be fun seeing all the shops, actors, and music groups.” 

The season starts September 4th including Labor Day until October 10th. Tickets are only $24 per adult, $12 for kids ages 5-12 and free for any kid under 5. The fun never stops with shows like Jousting and the Washing Well Wrenches! The Washing Well Wrenches is a comedy act that gives you a good laugh, being my favorite preference at the Faire. Bring a raincoat because when they are cleaning their laundry, they try to clean you too. The Jousting is a well performed show with actors and actresses, the show is an action-packed show with the feel as if you were in the era. A good daredevil show that’s action filled and has you on the edge of your seat is Dragonfire! The show is a well put on show with fire manipulation. Get Ye tickets fast! They’re sold at the gate as well as online at https://pittsburghrenfest.com/  

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