June 14, 2024

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What’s going on in Afghanistan?

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"Afghanistan rugged red mountains partly covered with snow, Bamyan Province"

By Carlo Bellotti

 Currently in Afghanistan president Biden has put into motion an act that would pull the American troops out of the third world country.

This has lead to the resurgence of the Taliban and and the take over of the third world country. A horrific sight on the world wide web shows a plane leaving the Afghan capital while people are running along the plane and grabbing ahold of it. This action left many American’s and American allies in danger inside the country. Since over 60% of the country has been taken over by the Taliban president Biden has been putting soldiers back in the country slowly, to try to drive back the Taliban. Ever since then the Taliban had named a new resident and plans to rename the country.     

Some argue that all of the challenging work and dedication of the U.S government to liberate Afghanistan has gone in vain because of the U.S pulling out of Afghanistan, but as of now President Biden is putting around 2500 more troops back into the country. People also fear that the return of the Taliban could lead to more devastating terrorist attacks like 9/11. Along with all of this, Americans have seen the fallout from the withdrawal of the American troops and allies.

 A quote from Fox news states, “Americans deserve assured security on all fronts—not a nation that the news source suggests doesn’t hold our adversaries accountable, has unsecured borders, and fails to enforce the law.”  America is slowly crippling itself and will soon be open to attack if we are not ready for it.

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