June 14, 2024

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By Nathan Hill  

John F. Kennedy was a former president of the United States of America. JFK was on November 22, 1963. He is also famous for the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban missile crisis. John grew up in a wealthy and powerful political family in Brookline, Massachusetts. At the end of September 1963, the president traveled west, speaking in nine different states in less than a week. The trip was meant to put a spotlight on natural resources and conservation efforts. JFK also used it to sound out themes—such as education, national security, and world peace for his run in 1964. 

The history news channel states Lee Harvey Oswald, born in New Orleans in 1939, joined the U.S. Marines in 1956. He was discharged in 1959 and nine days later left for the Soviet Union, where he tried unsuccessfully to become a citizen. He worked in Minsk and married a Soviet woman and in 1962 was allowed to return to the United States with his wife and infant daughter. In early 1963, he bought a .38 revolver and rifle with a telescopic sight by mail order, and on April 10 in Dallas he shot at and missed former U.S. Army general Edwin Walker, a figure known for his extreme right-wing views. Later that month, Oswald went to New Orleans and founded a branch of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, a pro-Castro organization. In September 1963, he went to Mexico City, where investigators allege that he attempted to secure a visa to travel to Cuba or return to the USSR. In October, he returned to Dallas and took a job at the Texas School Book Depository Building. 

Ryan Burdett was interviewed about why he thinks JFK was shot and he believes, “He was trying to get rid of the bank monopoly and it made some people mad to they planned on killing him so he could not continue.” Hunter Miller was also interviewed, and he believes “I think some political extremists did not like the fact that he was in office, so they planned out an execution.” That is the history of JFK and why he was shot. 

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