June 14, 2024

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Veteran’s Day History

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Veteran’s Day is the only day in the year which we honor and celebrate all veterans, sadly, very little Americans actually know how Veteran’s day started. That’s about five percent of Americans today that do know the history of this very important day. This holiday was formally known as Armistice Day, and used to be celebrating the end of World War One but that would change on November 11th, 1938 when U.S. President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed this day to be in celebration of all U.S. Veterans of all wars. This is also the exact day that Veteran’s Day was claimed to be a national holiday. It is very important for honoring all of the fallen unknown soldiers, which is why there are heavily guarded tombs for these soldiers. In an interview with Alex Sheaffer, he was asked “do you know why the ‘Tomb of the Unknown Solider’ is so heavily guarded?” Alex replied with, “I do not know exactly but I do know they are there to honor their sacrifice.” Alex also said, “The tomb is taken very seriously and I am interested in why they defend the tomb constantly.”

How do we celebrate Veteran’s Day?             To honor all veterans of war we can thank them personally, they have fought to keep America tyranny free, and they deserve acknowledgement. There are parades, carnivals, and festivals which one can attend to show appreciation to the veterans that lost their lives fighting for America. Visiting one’s local veterans is something to do to show your respect for the sacrifices they made in order for our country to remain the land of the free and home of the brave. The very first Veteran’s Day celebration was in Birmingham, Alabama in 1947, this included parades and carnivals. Our veterans fought to keep America prosperous and to keep its citizens free, yet they only have one day of appreciation. This is why this day is so important to those who fought or for families of those who fought. When you come across a veteran, it means a lot to them if you would show them they are appreciated.

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