June 14, 2024

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Weird Holidays of November

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                                     By: Shawn Ward 

A lot of people know the traditional holidays that occur each month, but do you know the not so popular ones? These are the weird holidays of November, some examples are world vegan day, deviled egg day, sandwich day, national candy day, national donut appreciation day and one holiday in particular, hug a bear day. (A teddy bear not an actual bear.) The company Build a bear is inviting people to come in on hug a bear day, so parents bring your little one or ones to have a fun time. The importance of Hug a bear day, hug a Bear Day was created to understand the benefits of hugging. We human beings always love to be hugged. Because it gives us warmth, comfort and makes us feel loved. Hence, National Hug A Bear Day is a perfect day to give a tight hug to your loved ones and your cute teddy bears. What to know about National doughnut day.  

National doughnut day was first started on June 7th in 1938 to celebrate the soldiers of WW1. The salvation army set out tents for the soldiers to get doughnuts and coffee, writing things and stamps, and a cloth mending service. It has changed dates every year, sometimes celebrated on November 5th or November 10th each year. 

Sandwich day is celebrated because a man named Earl in 1762 who came around several hundred years later. And so, Sandwich Day celebrates both the Earl himself, after whom this food was named, as well as the wonder he brought to the world in the form of what we now know as the sandwich. These are the weird not so popular holidays of November. 

November 2021 Quirky Holidays and Unusual Celebrations Photograph by Karen  Foley

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