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Women’s Pro Surfing Event

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By Allison Shoaf

  Do you have any plans for November? If one plans to go to Florida anytime soon then head down to Jacksonville Beach. An all-women’s surfing contest is to take place on Jacksonville Beach in Duval County and is expected to have over 90 or more professional surfers competing. 

  The “Super Girl Pro Series” event was established in 2007 to display women in action sports. It is currently the only large-scale all-women’s action sports (esports) and lifestyle series in the world. It was developed to celebrate female strength and empowerment. The platform has since grown into a series of five festivals centered around providing social, athletic, cultural, educational, business, and entertainment opportunities for young women in areas they are traditionally underrepresented. 

  The contest is part of the World Surf League Qualifying Series, and the event will consist of Olympians, concerts, and more. There will be 20 live concerts, women’s beach volleyball and beach soccer matches, speakers, panel discussions, and women’s esports tournaments. There will be no charge for any of the events.  

  The Jacksonville Beach Mayor estimated attendance could be 20,000 people a day. The event will be televised throughout November and December on Bally Sports and to an extent on Fox Sports during January and February. There will also be a two-day live webcast on several online sites. During the entirety of the event there will be 15 digital partners including supergirlsufpro.com and twitch.tv/supergirlseries.  

  In an interview Mr. Anthony, a gym teacher, and Shawn Ward, a Lenape student were asked about the Super Girl Surfing event. Some questions they considered were: Is surfing a real sport? Have you ever surfed before, or would you ever want to try? Both interviewees said it was in fact a real sport. However, neither of them had ever surfed before. Instead, they participated in other water sports. Mr. Anthony says, “Someday I am going to try to surf.” Shawn Ward says he is not interested in surfing. 

  Competitor’s viewers can see in the Super Girl Pro Series event are: Carissa Moore, Caroline Marks, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Bethany Hamilton, Coco Ho, and 90 or more unnamed professionals. The large event is broadcasted live from various streaming sites, viewers can watch it in person or from the comfort of their own home. 

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