June 14, 2024

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Most Popular Dog Breeds

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Most Popular Dog Breeds 

By Gavin Filippini 

A man’s best friend can be classified as many breeds. The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes up to 360 dog breeds. The average lifespan of these domestic creatures is 10- 13 years not involving any underlying health issues. These mammals are known for their compassionate and protective nature. The three most popular breeds according to the AKC are as follows: retriever (Labrador), French bulldog, and German shepherd. 

The Labrador is not only affectionate with families they are also good with children and other pets. The most common coloring of these dogs is black, chocolate, and yellow. Labs are mostly known for having good health, but common issues such as hip and elbow dysplasia are very possible. Their fur is thick and manageable and only requires care every so often. Labs are very energetic dogs and should get lots of exercise in order to stay healthy. 

French Bulldogs are also very compassionate animals but they are rated as not as good with other pets as labs which explains why they are not rated as high. These dogs are known for their tiny bodies and large bat like ears, and wrinkled skin. Frenchie’s are not capable of swimming since they have a front heavy body, so they need to be kept at a close distance when around larger bodies of water. They are also prone to breathing problems, and occasionally have eye issues. This breed requires minimal exercise as well. 

The third rated “favorite” breed is a German shepherd. These dogs are best known for their brindle coloring and work with the police force. They’re rated slightly lower than French Bulldogs because they aren’t the best with other animals. This dog is going to be a great guardian for a family. Some issues that may run in their genetics are degenerative myelopathy; another life threating issue can occur in Shepards are bloat which can be very serious if left untreated. The German Shepard should get lots of exercise since they are a very athletic breed of dog.  

When asking people’s opinions on this breed Sophia Filippini responded to, “Whats your favorite dog breed and why?” with, “My favorite breed is a Pitbull because they are cute and very much underrated. Another person asked was Lenape student Alanna Smith, she said, “My favorite breed is a mastiff because they are big babies.” 

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