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Who’s Your First Best Friend?

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  Siblings Day is an unofficial holiday observed each year on April 10th to honor bonds between brothers and sisters. The first Siblings Day was celebrated in 1995. New Yorker Claudia Evart founded the holiday after she lost both her siblings Alan (age 36) and Lisette (age 19) early in life. April 10th was chosen because it was the birthday of her late sister Lisette. 

  49 American States have recognized the holiday since 1998. Governors in 49 states have recognized and adopted Siblings Day by issuing a Gubernatorial Proclamation (“Fact Sheet – Siblings Day Foundation”). The 50th State of California is pending. Over two and a half decades the Siblings Day Foundation has been promoting public awareness for a National Celebration of all siblings on April 10th to be called National Siblings Day. The Siblings Day Foundation petitioned the White House to issue a proclamation making it a nationally recognized holiday. They are seeking United Nation resolution to establish an International Siblings Day as well. 

  The Siblings Day Foundation has many accomplishments and milestones including Three American Presidents, Clinton (2000), Bush (2008), and Obama (2016) have formally recognized Siblings Day by signing a Presidential Message. Other supporters in the US include members of Congress such as the late Senator Edward Kennedy, present and past NY Senators Schumer, Clinton, and Gillibrand; Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney; six former White House cabinet members; two NYC mayors, Manhattan Borough President as have other state and local elected officials. 

  Fourteen countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ghana, India, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, and United Kingdom continue or have begun to celebrate Siblings Day. The holiday is particularly popular in Portugal, where it has been acknowledged publicly by the president. India and South Asian countries have been celebrating and honoring their siblings for thousands of years. India’s Siblings Day is celebrated in the form of Raksha Bandhan. “Siblings tie each other rakhis vowing to protect each other from all difficulties” (“What is national siblings’ day & why is it celebrated …”). 

  Brothers and Sisters Day, or referred to as Siblings Day, is observed on May 31st in some European countries. It was launched by the European Large Families Confederation (ELFAC) to celebrate sibling bonds and relationships. In Europe it was launched by ELFAC in 2014. 

  It is much the same as Mother’s and Father’s Day. It centralizes great American tradition and celebration of family values. On this day people share love with their siblings, greet them, express their gratitude, and acknowledge their siblings’ effort. Siblings are taken for granted and are not appreciated until they geographically move away or die. Marking the day was to emphasize the importance of the role siblings play in one’s life. Bonds between siblings are known as bitter-sweet. Many people believe that siblings are also the first truest best friends. Brothers and sisters are often the longest relationship in people’s lives and can expand up to 80 years (“Fact Sheet – Siblings Day Foundation”). 

  Over 10 years Siblings Day has been a top trending topic on social media and has gone viral on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, etc. It gets much attention from prints, Tv and Radio, nationally and internationally. Coverage includes CNN, Voice of America, International Business Times, YouTube’s global blog, various celebrity blogs. Thousands of social media influencers post photos with their brothers or sisters along with the hashtag #NationalSiblingsDay. Products and companies have joined in on the trend. 

  There are in fact Hallmark cards one can pick up to celebrate the occasion, make the day special with a sibling. There are many ways to celebrate. One can go through childhood albums together, plan a fancy lunch or dinner at home, watch movies together, play games that one used to play together as children, cook the other person’s favorite food, indulge in activities one shares a common interest in. If not able to be around during Siblings Day, one can give extended wishes through social media. One can share childhood photos, cute pictures of when one was with their sibling, snap a memory unforgettable for one to enjoy with siblings. If one wants to do more for their sibling, one can send gifts, flowers, or any other thing that one’s sibling may enjoy on the special day. One can schedule a video call to ensure they do not feel lonely. 

  A Lenape student and Instructor were interviewed about whether they had siblings and their opinion on them. Both interviewees had siblings of their own and had positive feedback on them. Nick Leitmeyer, a Culinary student says, “They help you when you’re down in the dumps and you need someone to talk to or entertain you.” Mrs. Fahlor, a Culinary instructor, thinks they are absolutely good in one’s life. 

  Sibling relationships consist of love and hate, one will hate their siblings and argue with them one minute and best friends the next. No family, friend, or partner relationship is ever perfect in any way possible. Arguments after arguments happen most often, however it is extremely important to care for and understand they try to show how much they love and help one another. 

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