July 14, 2024

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Missing Memories 

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By: Grace Williamson 

According to Brightfocus.org, at least 50 million people are estimated to be living Alzheimer’s disease. World Alzheimer’s day is September 21st. First recorded by Dr. Alois Alzheimer, a woman died from an unusual mental illness. Her condition was determined during an autopsy. The cause of this brain cell degeneration is an abundance of protein creating.  abnormal clumps (formally known as Amyloid Plaques) and tangled fibers within the brain. In lay terms, Alzheimer’s is a condition in which brain cells degenerate rapidly, causing an individual to lose their memory and eventually motor function. This condition is genetic if early-onset, meaning that it is passed through generations. The cause of late-onset Alzheimer’s is still unknown. Though research is being done, there is still no cure for this disease, however it is treatable. The purpose of World Alzheimer’s day is to spread awareness and teach people the hard truth of this disease. Patients are not the only ones affected by this disease; families are as well. The National Institute of Aging states that currently Alzheimer’s is the seventh leading cause of death for adults in the United States. The best way to manage this disease is to watch for the signs and symptoms. These signs and symptoms include, change in behavior, loss of memory, and difficulty in speech. Visual and spatial recognition are also early symptoms for this disease. Researchers are looking for biological markers in cerebral spinal fluid, blood, and brain images now to see the early signs of Alzheimer’s. Risk factors are strokes, heart disease, diabetes, and smoking. Ways to reduce the risk is to keep your mind mentally engaged, be socially active, and do physical activity.  

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