June 14, 2024

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The Message Behind International Peace Day 

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By Kaitlyn Eberle

International Peace Day is an international holiday, taking place on September 21st, meant to strengthen the idea of world peace. International Peace Day was first celebrated in the year 1981, after being established by the United Nations. Years later in 2001, it was unanimously voted as a 24-hour period of non-violence. International Peace Day consist of many traditional celebratory events. The day customarily begins with the Peace Bell Ceremony, which occurs in the peace garden. Following this ceremony, a Youth Observance will take place at the Economic and Social Council Chamber. During this event, renowned artist and activist will teach over 500 students about their efforts to bring peace to the world. Both of these events will take place in United Nations Headquarters in New York City. They will both be televised nationally. Another tradition of this day is to have a moment of silence at noon to honor victims of violence. For those at home, this day can be celebrated with peace-related crafts or practicing spreading the ideas of peace. This year, the United Nations have decided to put their focus towards the struggles of minorities; thus,  this year’s theme, “End Racism, Build Peace.” Past themes have included but are not limited to, “Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world” in 2021 and “Shaping Peace Together” in 2020. This year, the United Nations is challenging people to “Say it. Do it. Share it.” The United States Institute of Peace describes it as, “Say what peace means to you. Do something that demonstrates your commitment to peace. Share it on social media, and inspire others to do the same.” This years International Peace Day challenge is  inviting people to spread their ideas of peace and take action to solidify their ideals. The overall objective of international peace day is to solidify the ideals of peace around the world and bring people of different backgrounds together. Although International Peace Day only last for twenty-four hours, it is important for people to carry its ideals into everyday life. With these efforts, true peace could be closer than ever.  

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