July 14, 2024

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America’s Famous Parade 

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By: Sydnee Petruzzi 

The Macy’s Thanksgiving parade is known to be the largest parade in the world, along with being the second oldest parade. After its debut in 1924, it has become a tradition for the parade to be performed in Manhattan, New York on Thanksgiving Day. 

This year there will be many performances from artists of many genres. One of them being the stars of the Nickelodeon show, Big Time Rush. Big Time Rush will be performing after having gone on a recent tour. These four guys will be found on the Kinder float, inspiring to highlight versatility and rekindled chemistry. However, on the Wondership float, spectators will find a country music artist by the name of Cam. She wrote the hit song “Burning House” which appeared on her debut album Untamed in 2015. Similarly former American Idol winner, Jordin Sparks will be performing on the Toys’R’Us float. Jordin has starred on Broadway and is a multi-platinum singer/songwriter. Another performer, Joss Stone, a soul singer, and Grammy award winner will be performing on the Hallmark float. Stone released her first Christmas album this year of Yuletide Classics, which put her on spin on Stevie Wonder’s, “What Christmas Means to Me.”  

Additionally, there will be many floats this year. The Toys’R’Us float will include many toys, bright colors, and everyone’s favorite Giraffe, Geoffrey, to inspire the rediscovery of childhood and remind people to dance like no one is watching. Spectators will also get to see “The People of First Light” float make its debut. This float will have a huge legacy tree in the middle, and it will tell the story of resilience, tradition, and enduring vibrant culture. Each pathway will represent the colors of the directions and at the top are elders from the Wampanoag tribes. The Wondership, sponsored by Wonder bread, will appear for the first time this year. This float will contain red, yellow, and blue balloons, and tons of confetti. This float is to remind others to keep looking ahead and to be adventurous.  

The Macy’s Day parade will also have clowns. Sponsored by Macy’s Clown U, kids will be trained by pros and master the art of clowning around. These clowns will be separated into groups to create fun routines to entertain spectators. A few of these groups will be the artist clowns, the aviator clowns, city tourist clowns, circus clowns, and many more.  

There will also be brand new floats this year. Which will include, Bluey from the hit Australian cartoon, Bluey. A float featuring Greg Heffley, from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The all-new Sinclair’s Dino and Stuart the Minion from the Minions movie. There will be many balloons at this parade, some old, some new.  

After interviewing two people about what they thought of when they heard about the Thanksgiving Day parade, both talked about the balloons. Delaney Watkins said, “The jumbo balloons,” while Noah Wysocki got more specific and named, “Snoopy from Charlie Brown.”  

The Thanksgiving Day parade will be a very extravagant celebration this year. It will be a tradition that no one wants to miss this year.  

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