June 14, 2024

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   Hunting Season  

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By Mackenzie Rice 

Did you know bows and arrows were a universal method of hunting, except in Australia? Mrs. Takacs was asked about hunting, and her husband and herself love to hunt, and there is usually snow on the ground, and it is a beautiful time of year. Mrs. Takacs is also upset because they moved the first day of deer to the Saturday after Thanksgiving. They should have kept it on Monday in her opinion.  Mr. Misera was asked about hunting, and his advice was “You should make sure your gun is sighted to hit any animal.”  

There are many people that go out and hunt; there are also many animals people can hunt. People can hunt deer, squirrels, turkeys, bears, rabbits, ducks, etc. Make sure to get a hunting license because if not and the game wardens comes, a hunter will be in big trouble. There are a lot of kids that will cancel plans to go hunting. Hunting season is a lot of people’s favorite time of the year. Also, in November there is thanksgiving so people could also hunt for the turkey then cook it up on Thanksgiving. It is hard to see deer in the summer vs in the winter because in the winter there’s white snow everywhere and the deer would be easier to see versus like summer when there is a lot of color that look like the deer. Deer also has a winter coat just like a dog, they get their winter coat for warmth.  

There are a lot of different calls to call an animal closer to you. Some of them can make an animal look at you or come closer, sometimes they can get close to you because of the noise. One of the calls for a deer is called a Grunt Call. One of the calls for a turkey is called a Locator call. A female deer is called a Doe. A male deer is called a “Buck.” A female turkey is called a “hen.” A male turkey is called a “gobbler’’. For any student or staff who is going out to hunt this year, good luck! 

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