June 14, 2024

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National Bird Day 

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By: Julia Johnson 

  National Bird Day is a day that people recognize how important it is to take care of birds the proper way. Since many bird owners do not know what is bad or good for them, they may want to do the proper research to care for them. There are many ways to figure out how to take care of one such as getting advice from a veterinarian or pet stores people trust. There is also a way to do online research about specific birds that have valuable information on how to take care of what bird pet owners have.  

There are over 350 distinct species of parrots that may have similar characteristics but have unique needs such as a curved beak and similar feet. There are many types of parrots such as cockatoos, budgies, quacker parrots, and many more. There are factors that need to be considered when choosing to get a pet bird like the age, amount of room there is, the experience on owning a bird, and how much time will be spent at home with the bird when choosing what type of bird species is right for the house.  

When choosing a feed, there are many types, but some birds need specific kinds of feed. When birds are in captivity, they are prone to obesity vitamin and calcium differences, and heart disease. Most parrots need a variety of fruits, vegetables, and pelleted food. Also, treats that have high quality nuts or pellet-nut treats should be given in tiny amounts when used for training a bird and never given for free. A lorikeet requires fresh feed like fresh nectar. There are foods to avoid giving to your birds just like dried fruit, avocado, salt or seasonings, chocolate, onions or garlic, and dairy, eggs, or meats. Some birds may need to be convinced to eat more of their food or just need to use their beak more, so the best solution is using toys with the food and play time is crucial. However, placing vegetables in different spots in their pen, putting treats in toys will help making feeding time more fun and enriching for the bird and the owner.  

For building a home space for it, the environment for that bird needs to be similar to where it originated from the wild, so the bird feels happy and active. Having a cage for it means considering the size of the cage, so that means the bird should be able to stretch its wings out and not have its tail touch the bottom of the cage. Parrots should be able to fly around to one another so that they have space for mental and physical safety reasons. The cage should not have removable coating on the wire, so the birds do not eat it. Of course, the cage should be cleaned so the birds stay healthy and do not have air way blockage in their lungs. 

When asked if there is anything bird owners should know about birds such as chickens Dakota James responded with “Hmm, well it is important to have some kind of enclosed space with straw for them to keep warm. Like all animals, the more you show them attention and care for them, the more they see you as a caretaker and someone to trust and not another animal.” 

There are many reasons that birds are highly maintained and can cause lost time, but they are regularly active. However, there are a lot of other reasons and ways to take care of different birds, but they are helpful to people’s mental health. So, make sure our feathered friends are happy and healthy! 

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