June 14, 2024

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New Teacher Spotlight

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By: Sydnee Petruzzi 

, Mr. Ingram was chosen as the teacher spotlight. An interview was conducted with ten get to know you questions to help everyone get to know the new teacher.  

First, he was asked what music he likes to listen to. He responded with, “I listen to all genres of music, but I listen to classic rock and older country music the most.” Apart from this, he is bad at throwing a ball and the best compliment he has received was “Hey, nice shot!” when he and his friends go on a 3-D archery shoot. If he were to go back in time and meet a historical person, it would be Teddy Roosevelt. Also, when he was a child, he wanted to work at Burger King, but later he decided he wanted to become a teacher. In contrast, the worst purchase he has made was an unreliable car that he did not research prior to purchasing. Furthermore, a hobby Mr. Ingram would like to get into is fishing. But most importantly, he is excited most about getting married this upcoming fall. If he were to remove an inanimate object from existence, he would choose social media because of too many reasons to explain. The last question was what his weirdest food combination was, and he chose chicken and waffles.  

In conclusion getting to know Mr. Ingram was a fun experience and a great pick for the teacher spotlight since he is new to Lenape this year.  

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