June 14, 2024

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New Year New Me 

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By Tessa Mansfield  

“New year, New me” is a saying that has been used and said for a long time it became “trendy” a couple of years ago, but it feels like it is the biggest saying every year. New Year, New me is often perceived as the new year will be bringing new beginnings and a fresh start for people to make changes to their lives and personality to better themselves. The phrase is becoming an ongoing joke every year because people online put on social media what could be argued as unrealistic goals for new year achievements. What is your goal exactly? A goal is “an idea of the future or desired result that a person or group of people envision, plan and commit to achieve” There is nothing wrong with choosing to look forward to the future and choosing to better yourself, but you need to take steps to get to the end goal. Most people expect to reach big goals by skipping the small ones.  

To make big achievements in the new year, focus on making small goals leading up to the final overall goal. It is said to “use goals as progress markers rather than yard sticks for measuring success or failure” by Leon Ho. This is saying that just by not reaching your goal means you failed and by reaching the goal means you succeeded either. There is always room to keep bettering yourself and life. These goals do not have to always mean adding to your life either, you can always set to achieve doing less. You can set to take more time to sit and read a book, breathe, or relax if you catch yourself about to burn out. You can also set to do more everyday little by little if you struggle with productivity. There are options out there for everybody to better their quality of life. New Year, New Me does not always mean you must climb a mountain by next year or lose thirty pounds. Let us make New year, New me mean I want to be happier by next year by taking more time to myself or spending more time with friends and family, or I want to feel healthier by eating healthier by next year. Let us set healthy goals, that will not be stressful to achieve and will improve quality of life. Everybody deserves to be happy and healthy and enjoy their new year.

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