June 25, 2024

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Hero Day 

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By Landon Bennett 

In life people can associate a lot of things or people as their “Hero” and that’s what this day is all about. Generally speaking this holiday associate’s veterans as heroes for the admirable acts they’ve committed just for the population of their nation to live in freedom and joy for generations to come. This day can be put to a much wider spectrum though. On this day take the time to look at inspirations and see what makes people who they are, and who is at the center of that propelling various life endeavors or inspirations. 

Take a moment to really respect your hero. For some people this might be music artists who bring joy to the ears, veterans who’ve saved everyone’s individual freedoms, or even some stranger you met outside of a 7/11. It doesn’t matter who people look up to as long as you take time to respect what they’ve done for a community and people alone. 

With some other holidays monthly, there’s ways to celebrate or honor the special day but with this it’s simply respect. Most people wouldn’t be doing what they are today without that little kickstart of inspiration that jolted them into the career or path that they’re on present day, and that really means a lot not just to that singular person but also the man or woman that made them go on that course. A ton of things in life are taken for granted and this is one of the smaller ones that doesn’t take much time, effort, or money to do. In fact, it takes no money at all. Respect is something hopefully everyone on this planet has learned well and if it’s deserving it can go a long way. 

Though holidays are usually one day and every day is a different holiday this is celebrated for an entire week, it ranges from February 11-17. It’s important and meaningful enough to be made an entire week and has been honored countless times in the past, only now does it have stronger meaning due to what major effects people have had for some person, group of people, or even a nation as a whole.  Simply put it, this day isn’t about celebration or partying but just plain old respect for who it is that brings life into every day. 

When asked Mr. Ingram said “I feel that a lot of these national (fill in the blank) days at the surface seem to be a diluted because of the amount of days that have some sort of celebration, however, some of these days refocus some people’s attention to a particular issue or interest. This particular day can help people take the time to celebrate/respect those people that they believe to have shaped their life in a positive way.” 

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