June 14, 2024

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Music in Our Schools month 

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Landon Bennett 

Schools are a very diverse topic for every other kid and teenager. Some absolutely love it, others are not so fond of it but push through, and some people are a couple days away from dropping out mentally. See, it shouldn’t be like this nor was it intended when the “Schooling” idea was first created. It’s been proven that music makes kids smarter, it wakes the brain up and it has been linked to increased academical scores. A lot of teachers don’t let kids have ear buds or headphones in while working, though generally accepted when someone is speaking or giving directions while taking a test or working it’s still sometimes not allowed though this research and information exists widely. 

Music helps you relax, relaxation is better for the brain especially during assignments so that’s just another reason it will do wonders for the brain and mental state. Playing an instrument is also a great stress reliever. Researchers believe that there is a link between music and test scores. A study was done and it was proven that the half of people listening to music had a higher score on their SAT’s then the counterpart not listening to music, yet another reason backed up with studies.  

Learning to play an instrument can be tedious and frustrating at times but what is gained in the long run is not comparable if its really a passion. Even without all of this passion talk playing an instrument can give you benefits of increased memory and enhanced organizational skills. And everyone has to remember that its never too late to play an instrument, even if someone sucks at the instrument they play music is so objective that it doesn’t even matter. Everyone likes what they like and that’s the best part of it, it allows for limitless creativity and even helps back the science behind the instrument itself. 

Even if the skill is lacking why would anyone not want the extra benefits of playing an instrument. On top of that why not surround them in an academic setting to achieve better results, its not super widely accepted academically but this day/ month allows for its promotion in a setting that allows for only the best results in each individual. 

Mr. Jasek stated: “There are myriad benefits to music programs in schools: math and language skills, soft skills like teamwork and self-discipline, and even safety and well-being. What is sad is that when these programs get cut, many people think, “Well, nobody’s getting a job aa a trumpet player anyway,” when that is far from the actual goals of a music program.” 

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