June 25, 2024

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National Siblings Day 

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By: Lara Palmer 

National Siblings Day was founded in 1995 when a girl named Claudia Evart lost her brother and sister at a young age. It made her realize the importance of having a sibling to grow up with. She founded this day and the “Siblings Day Foundation” in honor of their memory. Evart chose April 10th as the day it is celebrated because that was her late sister’s birthday. Students and staff were asked the question of what is it like having a sibling and your favorite memory of growing up with them? 

Lyric Nolder, a junior, was asked this question and said, “Having a sibling is something else. On one hand you get a built-in best friend. On the other hand, you get the one person who makes your life hard to live. You’re either helping each other out, trying to scheme your parents or turning on each other and throwing the other under the bus just to save yourself. My best memory with my sibling is taking her to the movies and watching her get scared because of it.” 

While this is some wonderful insight into the lives of siblings, and quite accurate, another person was asked the question as well to get a different point of view. 

“Yes, I have an older sister,” said Mrs. Betts when asked these questions. “We did not always get along the best growing up, but we have become close as we have gotten older. I really enjoyed being in her wedding and bonding with her throughout that experience.” 

This sentiment seems to be true across the board, that sibling rivalry is common, but they do love each other later on. Though, many people don’t appreciate their siblings until they grow older, and this day can be a lesson to siblings all around. They should honor and celebrate having a sibling sooner, because one day they might find that they could have had so many more memories as kids if they’d just gotten along and appreciated one another. 

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