June 14, 2024

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Mother’s Day  

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By: Julia Johnson 

Mother’s Day takes place on Sunday, May 14, 2023, this year to celebrate mothers from every family. Though Mother’s Day usually takes place every year on the second Sunday of May. 

When Mother’s Day was officially created in the 1900’s, Anna Jarvis thought of honoring their mothers’ sacrifices made for their children. Mothers care for their children and show it in many ways. This day represents a day to celebrate, to make sure that they feel special, express respect, and to show them that they are loved.  

Mothers can come in many forms such as stepmoms, grandmothers, and even to animals like a lion and its cub etc. Many have heard of animals being one of the most caring parents but other animals such as elephants are protective of their young. They do so by traveling together in a circle with the young on the inside of the herd to protect them from predators.  

Families can even celebrate Mother’s Day by taking their mom out for dinner, playing family games, little kids can write a letter to say, “I love you,” and many more activities that she would like to do. Schools like primary to middle school do events such as drawing cards, writing poems, drafting books on memories, etc. Their husbands or family can help children surprise ‘mom’ with breakfast in bed, and a special day out.  

Mother’s Day means that all moms around the world are celebrating with their families and children are able to show their love and that ‘Mom’ is appreciated. So even when it is just giving them flowers or surprising them with dinner, Mothers will know that they are cared for.  

When asked what you do to celebrate Mother’s Day, Mr. Veronesi responded with “Yes, I do celebrate Mother’s Day. I usually get my mom a hanging basket and card or spa appointment.” 

So, for Mother’s Day, make sure they feel appreciated and loved by both their children and partner even with a simple dinner out with flowers! 

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